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Man, it's been ages since I was even on this site. Figured I'd stick my head in for a moment though. The year is drawing to a close but whatever, there's another year right around the corner. Life will continue to have its ups and downs. I think I've lost what little urge I had to chronicles the moments of my life.


Things continue apace. I haven't written because i don't really have anything to write. The short story has ground to a halt as the main characters voices has faded for the moment. I'm just super tired all the time. It's depressing to know that I'm going to spend the rest of my life being tired. There's no escaping it now. The medicine didn't work at all and so I'm left with the knowledge that there's really nothing to be done about it. I guess ultimately it's a minor complaint when so many people I know have it so much worse.

I smell trouble, like rain, on the horizon

I've been banging out a pulp crime story for the last couple days or so. It's my first time ever writing something like this and the first time I've written a story in a couple years. But it was something that needed to be written. The main character was talking to me. I began putting it on paper because I started hearing snatches of his dialogue in my head, over and over demanding to be written. I've only had this happen once before, and that story was the only thing I've ever had published. It's slow going though, his voice is so specific, each sentence has to be carefully crafted. But when it comes, oh boy, does it come. Denise must be going nuts with me constantly leaping out of bed when we're trying to get to sleep just to jot down lines and paragraphs so they won't slip away.

It's odd too, that even though I normally write horror and science-fiction, this is probably the nastiest thing I've ever written. It's filled with corrupt, sleazy people doing bad things to other corrupt sleazy people. The main character is an unrepentant bad man who's doing one good thing for all the wrong reasons. And you know what? I'm enjoying every minute of it.
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Christ. Alright, you win. I'm on facebook. I got tired of people asking if I was then telling me how great it was when i said no. So now I'm now it. I barely ever use Myspace these days so I have no idea how often I'll use facebook either (probably a lot at the beginning and then quickly trailing off to next to nothing). So if you want to friend me, or whatever its called on facebook, I'm now there to friend.
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The naysayer speaks

First off, 5 Guys Burgers? Massively overpriced and overrated. $10.52 for a soggy, greasy burger and fries? Fuck you.

Secondly, Michael Jackson? Sorry, don't care. The man hasn't been relevant is over 15 years and the last time he was, it was because of the technology used in a video, not him. When was the last time he was anything more than a joke? He's the next fat Elvis.

Yes, he was the last great pop king and there will never be another like him, but you know what, he stopped being that king at the end after Dangerous, which was nearly 20 years ago, and that's without getting into the mess of his personal life. And if you want to get into his personal life then it's even less of a loss. Being found not guilty doesn't mean you're innocent. No one has a secret kiddie bedroom just for giggles. And the peter pan syndrome was just bullshit, like all the other lies he told, that grew over time. Jackson was a shrewd businessman and knew what he was doing at all times, anyone who claims otherwise is deluding themselves. If you want to separate the man from the music that's fine. But the music continues even after the man is gone then. It's sad when anyone dies, especially a young person with very young children. But let's not kid ourselves, it's no national tragedy.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled bliss and happiness and apologize if the sudden increase in spite has ruined your day in anyway.